Sabbaticals & writing retreats

We can host academics and students during their individual writing retreats and sabbaticals. Leave your campus behind for a while and find renewed energy here on Bali. Write that book you have planned for years; finish that thesis you’ve been struggling with; open the file drawer and get it all published once and for all; take the time to update your knowledge on the replicability crisis and open scientific practices; take the time to learn R, Python, OSF.

Others need some time off traditional academia. Maybe to regain their faith in science. Maybe to recover from a burn out. Maybe to reconsider their career choices and explore the alternatives.

Whatever reason you have, you are always warmly welcome to spend time with us, short- or longterm. You don’t need to make an appointment. You don’t need to apply. Show up when you want to, as you are, and register a membership. Our front desk is open daily, all year round.

Want help finding nearby accommodation or someone to pick you up at the airport? Sure thing; we’re here to help! Check out our soft landing package and contact us.