Lab retreats


Looking for a venue for your next lab retreat? We can host you!

Meeting rooms

Smaller groups (up to about 12 people) can be hosted in one of the private meeting rooms upstairs. We might also be able to host larger groups; please contact us with your inquiry. All rooms but the lunch room have AC.


We can help you find suitable catering alternatives for lunch. The upstairs lunch room can be used for this purpose. There are also several restaurants within a ten minutes walking distance. We are also happy to recommend suitable dinner restaurants and arrange with the bookings.

Social events

We have a cosy outdoor terrace where you can enjoy drinks and a relaxed time together. The terrace – as the rest of the space – is available for you and your team 24/7. About 5-10 minutes drive from the Bali Campus, we have a small green area with swimming pool that can be booked for private events.


We are happy to help you find suitable accommodation in the Ubud area for your team. We have collaborations with several accommodation providers nearby and can help you find the best prices available.


We can help you plan and book off site activities for your team, such as yoga or white water rafting.

Soft landing

We can organise airport pickup; daily transportation and/or vehicle rental; have local SIM cards ready for your lab members when you arrive; and more.


How much will it cost? This is unfortunately quite impossible for us to answer without having more details about your needs and wishes. But a quick test to learn whether you can afford it is to ask whether you could afford it in e.g. Australia. If the answer is yes, then it’s quite likely that you could afford it also here on Bali since the costs here are much lower than in Australia. We also want to mention that we are a not-for-profit with a mission to be available for academics in need of new energy and new ideas; our goal is not to have you pay as much as possible.

You might also want to allow and encourage lab members to stay an extended period on Bali working from our coworking space; maybe while bringing their families too.

Please send an inquiry describing your needs to