The Campus

The campus provides everything to enable members to focus on their work.

Hungry? Pick your favourite dish from local restaurants menus and our reception will get it delivered to your desk or the common kitchen so you can enjoy your food without having to leave the campus.

Thirsty? We offer a selection of imported and local drinks, such as soft drinks, bottled juices, sparkling water, fresh coconuts; not to mention four types of coffee (including french press & decaf) and local and imported tea.

Tired? Take a nap in the cosy and private snooze corner!

Want to have a meeting or make a private call? Our three meeting rooms on 2nd floor are available to book at an additional fee, but can also be used for free without booking (first come, first served).

Don’t want anyone peeking over your shoulder when you work? We have many corner spots to hide in. If that’s not enough you can always use one of the meeting rooms upstairs as your private office!

Want to learn something new? We have a small library of academic literature (scientific articles & books) and selected podcasts by and with academic scientists; all with a special focus on research methods, ethics, statistics, replicable and open science. You should also join our science and freedom events!

Want to meet new friends? We have weekly events on the themes science and freedom, for example breakfast seminars and film screenings. And why not grab a beer from the fridge and spend the evening on our lush terrace? Members always have 24/7 access to the whole space!

First floor is equipped with a high quality film projector with screen and whiteboard. It can be used for seminars, workshops, lectures, and film screenings. Three smaller rooms are available on second floor and can be used as meeting rooms and private offices. Second floor also has a kitchen, lunch room, bathroom with shower and a lush terrace.

We’re on a short walking distance from places like Onion Co., Yoga Barn and Agung Rai Museum of Art.

Campus Bali a.k.a IGDORE Indonesia opened in 2018 and is the first non-virtual facility of Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE). IGDORE is an independent virtual research institute committed to improving the quality of science and quality of life for researchers, students, and their families.