Coworking Space & Microcampus


We are a coworking space in Ubud, Bali, designed specifically with the work of researchers, students, and other frequent writers in mind. Here you’ll find cosy reading corners and many different types of seatings; space for naps and contemplation; meeting rooms; whiteboards & projector; and a small academic library. We are open to anyone in need of a coworking space. Got something to read? Head over to one of our many sofas and corners and put your feet up!

Sabbaticals & writing retreats

We host academics and students during their individual writing retreats and sabbaticals. Write the book you have planned for years or finish that thesis you’ve been struggling with for ages – our lush and cosy air conditioned coworking space is perfect for regaining motivation and focus! No application or booking is needed; we’re always open. Spend a sabbatical or writing retreat at IGDORE’s coworking space on Bali.